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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>>mark: is a modest move clean dozens of shipping companies and workers zillion at the docks from one to be idle for five days. >>darya: this loss and a dispute with a seven shipping companies and union workers to abortion as
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a million on a labor dispute and a live report. ask >>james: tabret news is one to deny sunny and above average and in my letter on this afternoon of the '60s to even amid seven is as one to fill more like a pro or even more to the way the
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weather and shipping ups. >>george: is, watching grass that is good because that means there no problems at the bridge and the excitement traffic is a good thing for you an easy rider on the bay so far this morning although this drive times is inching up for about 21 minutes as it moves back toward the macarthur maze. we added two minutes to the drive times for was positive coming out of hayward.
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>>mark: >>reporter: here in contra costa county this so that person road or before coming diagnose and of the cases in lafayette station official said the chance of contracting the measles was low enough nonetheless darlington 2000 people who ride the board system on a daily basis the personal had measles or return a lafayette and montgomery street station last wednesday thursday and friday between the hours of 68 in the morning and 7 to 9 at night on the evening of february 4th aid at the location in san francisco the measles virus can stay in the air for two hours to the virus could have spread all
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on the bart system officials the sentences will contra costa county are trying to figure out where that person went and possible exposures that could leave thousands concerned. if >>: the first thing to do is to look for year-old in a letter at nine will try to find out how long. >>reporter: is up to two hours or to help officials their dissent on a database of the biggest risk cost of those were not yet vaccinated and here are the symptoms to look out for officials say one to three weeks after exposure look for a high fever running nose a cough and watery eyes perhaps also likely develop when your face and neck and then spread downward down on the body you wanted to talk to several days after that press
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develops. >>mark: will have a lot more information on the measles on our web site at kron 4,. >>darya: the man charged at them with a nice. >>will tran: they gave him a couple of warnings to drop his knife and he did not do so the officers felt threatened that is why the open fire on him and shot him all-time we do know that he was said at least one time or some hospital and later died of it all happen right behind me on the 1300 block of sherman let's show you video this happen at around 530 last night this past it walk into a home not sure she was inside but he goes in there and we do know that someone
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called 911. they speculate that it was a person who was barricaded in an upstairs room who lives there. >>will tran: the mallory outside with a gun in his hand and told him to drop his knife when he did not this said he also mentioned the officers they still threaten shot him and the officers at least 78 years on the force of their experienced in the amazon be released at this time they're under injured the man also hid his identity known inside the home was injured distress was shut down for 34 hours and the officers investigated that as it to see this morning they're shocked would happen they're glad is finally over. >>mark: a breakthrough in the ongoing violence in ukraine as a cease-fire agreement has now been reached that held a 60 hour
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marathon peace bond mrs. video out of ukraine. is on sunday come to the release on your there is cause was and the fire hose income bring it into a 10 month conflict that claimed 15000 lives. fifth >>darya: why san jose police need your help to find information about this war or suspect and a new feature on facebook how your pays could live on even after you sign off that story is next their approach to the bay bridge and the company that you have or you went to work walnut creek crackdown at 34 degrees a high of youthful 60 this afternoon.
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this special financing offer ends presidents' day at sleep train. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>george: welcome back to the time is now 610 helen is a quick check of traffic as the abyss of drive for you for some reason they did not santa fe they're on the streets that we filled in for you that is 15 minutes for your east stressfree arrived 34 minutes from the out to my past to dublin and 21 minutes for your one and one trip and highway 85 to the montague
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expressway not forget using it traffic any time with the kron 4 mobile application is a free download and works on both android and apple devices. >>erica: facebook will not allow you to designate a friend or family member asked to manage your account once you pass away starting today since the users can choose a legacy contact the mets won last fall on your behalf and you guys if a response and a french request and in an archive facebook close and follows its will memorialize the town's what the people could you become law cannot be added. >>mark: at 65 how did the study words and up on the school plaza will tell you how the movie is linked to a controversy.
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>>darya: could not be clearer or nicer outside at the embarcadero from our station on the front avenue and you can see from tree and you can see it's so clear. >>james: as we approach this weekend and admits seven is widespread this will we're saying out of the golden gate bridge is is all well to the marine side where grumman deficit and richmond another
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great day to have much outside of japan and south bay for tick with the santa clara valley. and where to 74 san jose 875 the campbell 72 for redwood city and also and warm and toasty certainly not fair were weather around the bay where above average in all of the space and storage mid to upper 60s for the delta and inland valleys. >>james: you see headed 77 san leandro and richman oakland warmer still you will, 73 and san francisco down somewhere looking for 69 in most the sunny skies along the peninsula coastline and then along the bay side of it if you head down to 72 degrees much time you get down to some sale. >>james: it caused by pressure to stay in place for all of the clouds in the warm weather will not see any event will see
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nothing but sunshine here rep your upcoming holiday weekend for valentine's day on saturday and presidents' day on monday. >>james: the weather was certainly be on your side of the have any outdoor plans. >>george: if you're planning a more in one lane when you need to get out of the door to have a second cup of coffee we're not tracking any major incidents in which you need to run out of the door. that's the big that drive time in the east shore freeware from hercules to berkeley for much better start today was about highway 24 still looks good to the caldecott tunnel. >>george: you can see smoke conditions here from a ride out of the one on one southbound. the overall drive times and not bad at all in the mid peninsula traffic 101 92 and 1 0184 both a great here in the south bay
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the only slowing we have is will will, northbound between the 2 freeway interchanges an accident at the guadalupe parkway and northbound has already been cleared from the traffic lane. >>george: we're just backing into the macarthur maze around 20 minutes to drive times and about now we could see slowing tear on the san mateo bridge but thankfully we do not. it is still a good ride under 15 minutes to commit time and at the golden gate bridge problem free both directions northbound and southbound and heading into more envy of the richmond braves the west about ride beginning to get a little busy right now. if it is still not backing up and creating any delays or interstate 580 westbound as it did through richmond. >>mark: president obama is planned to the fyces is heading to capitol hill. the joint resolution allows u.s. military
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to go after ices outside of the battlefield and i reckon syria. it calls for military operations and would lead any potential deployment. >>darya: san jose police believe a bank robber could be lintel of the robbers that happen in the city last month we want you to take a look the 2 to 7 you're a man of san jose was arrested on january 13th four days after a u.s. bank branch and safeway was in the aideed him as a suspect into are robberies at 711 that happen the same day as the bank robbery and they think he was a lot of the robbers in the area as well. >>mark: the 17 year-old accused of kidnapping and raping a domino's pizza delivery woman will be sent to life in prison to make his first court appearance yesterday he is being charged as an adult of variety of crimes including rape and kidnapping and robbery. the victim arrived at the antioch
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home and to deliver pizza the sake the processor with a gun forced her back into her car and made her a job or a mile away and insulted her it cannot confirm or a gun was involved prosecutor said that makes no difference. >>darya: police are searching for this milpitas man in connection with the hit-and-run accident happened last week amid a 14 year-old girl he is the register of the cadillac eldorado that collide with a garbage truck police found a car or a mile away from the scene of the accident 14 year-old since your--santa ramirez was next to the car they're missing getting exactly what happened after the crash leading up to rivera's death. >>darya: the victim is 58 year-
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old omar his family and friends say that he was a nature and animal lover and they should home with his father and vallejo but he used to be romance with the 59 year-old suspect in this case and that brought in and rested but then released because the dea says they did not have enough evidence to hold him in the dying over the weekend on saturday after checking himself into a hospital. invested said he was sales of men's video holding that suitcase with the dismembered body parts. >>: have the right person is ours the suspect but now we need to have the cause of death and to grow what happened. >>darya: his son visited the suspects regally in a clear not living together he thinks that it was a dispute over money that led to his son's death. a >>mark: will file a hundred thousand dollar penalty issue to a university california. the
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patient is already taking medication and was left blind in one high the medical center at a summit of records. she was hired in march 2009 and in december of 2011 to diagnose with breast cancer and hospital renter to monthly absence but she needed more time off to recover from surgery but was terminated from her position her request rosa hospital six months policy in the sediment to the hospital has agreed to offer an extended leave to employees with serious medical conditions. to >>darya: she to a fed over how she was served next on an airplane and now the former
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>>mark: they're not making the trip united airlines are saying this was a deal that was posted
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online yesterday and it was a mistake the airline is not going to honor tickets to get those tickets the travelers, were traveling from europe many from the u.k. to america and they bought their ticket to united's denmark's site the united said they did not make the mistake of vendor applied in and correct currency exchange. >>darya: they bought a ticket that up there and once again around to it from europe to hear. the answer is not a case has ended with the jail term for the air executive remember the woman that was served as finance in a bag instead of a platter she was out raids one year in prison for her nose and
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a first-class so she expected that way you cannot throw a tantrum is against the law she apologized her behavior
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>>mark: we did have an unexpected jump in the weekly
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the dow jones industrial average this of six boys by yesterday the dow feature is up 45 ahead of the opening doubt. if >>darya: >>james a labor dispute with dockworkers and a shipping company and has led to a shutdown at the port. >>jackie sissel: have out here at the port of oakland is one of the biggest ports on the entire west coast when it is strangely quiet this morning and will remain quiet for the next four days the impact between the pacific maritime association that is the agency to the part of oakland and the cost the west coast in the unit continues to drag on. >>jackie sissel: finally they said enough is enough were not want to pay any overtime over
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the president they weekend essentially shutting down the port for the entire week and that means that all of the cargo and all the cargo ships the rest of the to be offloaded will have to sit idle several ships are still out in the bay and not able to get into the port. >>jackie sissel: yesterday we had a chance to talk to a union spokesperson he talked about the impact and what the trouble is. >>: that decided closing the port in some kind of leverage or damage and try to reach an conscious with 20,000 dockworkers in was still disclosure to put them in a stronger position. >>jackie sissel: we're not talking about the port in oakland were talking a lot when and at other ports on the west coast including huge like the port of los angeles and long beach and type of things we are talking about and everything you
6:32 am
can imagine from carport to electronics to food goods and a lot of the people who need those. >>jackie sissel: let's move fast this because we need our goods. >>mark: will about our valentine's day this? >>mark: we're watching the weather and the big story is the warmth of in the records are in the '70s. >>james: the record highs to be reset to say here's a quick list of partly are most likely candidates will have san rafael high of 69 is expected today the record of 71 we are close open with the astronauts will drew a
6:33 am
bead the record of 70 is we hit a high of 73 like we anticipate today. livermore 3 degrees off montague just one real way and you were with and has six in a tired old record of 78 it is were to be awarded today and is not for life february. >>james: this looks like outside ride now we have most to clear skies with just a few high levels of clouds and that will be will we expect most of the afternoon not just today but the record potential heat will continue on through tomorrow and then into the holiday weekend. >>george: we're attracting growing delays at the bay bridge toll plaza for the westbound ride we're essentially incident free on the bridge the back of hovering right around the macarthur maze and the drive times in 21 to 23 minutes the
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san mateo bridge ride it is a big change as we hit the tipping point here looked at all the bright lights and traffic started to crawl across the span drive times up around 18 to 19 minutes the earlier problems here in the south bay on the guadalupe parkway northbound highway 87 this is backed kirchner and fairly quickly and has been an accident at the same location and all along the shoulder. >>george:-->>mark: the belt and a lot of boston residents are getting ready for two more blasts of winter starting today to more storms are on to come and bring cold temperatures the coldest winter in fact here is video of the massachusetts national guard been deployed the
6:35 am
first blast of arctic air moving a strong wind gusts have a lot of misery on the way. >>darya: transportation here is the picture of commuters and 90 yesterday and quincy hundreds of people waiting in line for more than an hour and have to get on a train and even more transportation troubles the general manager of the transit center has resigned she's been fighting criticism of service disruptions because of a snowstorm and said a big problem is the aging transportation system that has not been able to handle all of the heavy snow. >>darya: 3 people read the whole wretched this morning they're splitting five presidents 64
6:36 am
million--$365 million. >>mark: know someone here in the bay area three tickets that had the five out of six numbers in california there with no $1.4 million richer and sally and the dismissing the power from #and the owner of the store says he is very excited the store was the one selling the winning ticket. >>: i was sleeping and they called me and said you know is your store i said they're relying little minnow to check the news and that my store name was there and then i said no and then i called the guy that was there and he said that data was so excited i cannot get dressed and i took my whole family in iran to the store right away.
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>>mark: they're ready for the person who bought the winning ticket to come forward. >>darya: coming of there's a new sign to san francisco strip of the one you see here is offending people in the neighborhood will tell you the details on my kron 4 story. >>erica: another story we are following your pants band is definitely in the news this morning and where that adds to the possibility coming up.
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>>george: is a free download the works on android and apple devices. >>erica: a move to ban bill passed euphemizing woman arrested for grain the tight fitting garments to rep for oppose the bill who is convicted three times of of the expansive definition of indecent exposure could be sentenced to five years in jail and a to $5,000 fine.
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>>james: they're tracking your forecast for today this afternoon we could be approaching greece and headings coming up in just a moment.
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>>george: we are tracking a hot spot now for you're ride on 101
6:45 am
leading into san francisco here in the city for richardson their runs past the rostrum of the city apart way is already backing of to the presidio park where all the way to the new tom the the have the possibility backing of the ride tourist town pleasant and it could even set the southbound no. it bridge ride. sifts >>george: the drive-inheritance san mateo go up above 20 minutes
6:46 am
and tracking you're ride to you from the golden gate bridge and is still moving slowly but remember because of the problems at richardson you might want to think about taking 19th avenue even the destination his downtown san francisco come in on the gary blower. >>george: backing of now from the approach to the stand as when it starts spilling over into richmond for westbound interstate 580 >>james: thank you george we ever gracious showing the bay bridge the ferry building clock tower at the embarcadero and san francisco the is fantastic and beautiful colors and the sky. still another one afternoon temperatures at the moment in
6:47 am
the mid 40's for places like san jose and contour and 45 and 47 for the more than a little cooler in san francisco and oakland looking at 51 for both of those cities at the curb our. it was certainly warmer force as yet as to the we can from the afternoon tech a look south they will begin to soar there and look all the low seventies in the mid 774% was they signify for los gatos. >>james: we're approaching if not maybe a recon cup record highs to this day in february. we have some pictures one this time of the year but we're certainly going to do it. gilroy could tie in old record levels of the '60s for the dust and for the livermore and san ramon valley 69 in livermore and 70 in pleasanton and the cycle 72 on the east bay shoreline and seven
6:48 am
in hayward and one has yet to open that was a classical record what they said way back for records. >>james: sky conditions today was a mostly clear as you can say because of that system is also the offshore and also to our north but no rain in the forecast at all we're looking for records to continue for the upcoming holiday weekend valentine's day on saturday if presidents day on monday in a long weekend to elicit the web will be fantastic that is the that >>darya: the bay area told the court is withholding $337,000 in penalties against as customers to fix the miss manners' rules out of it all electric system for the golden gate bridge.
6:49 am
>>darya: if you look throughout fast-track is some semblance of melville the krommer the driver has 21 days and he did not pay by then you get a late fee plus 16,000 lay notices were sent out at the end of last year because will never got a notice in the first place there's also been a rise at recall wait time for customers dealing with officials use when the $50,000 a contract to provide technical assistance for the call centers. fire >>mark: are written in the past two weeks presents a one san jose neighborhood there infirmaries that have been an evergreen never meant to happen in gross but part of future is unclear a man was rather rotted
6:50 am
by two men wearing ski mask. >>mark: it is also been known for home burglaries in the last few months. >>mark: the robber is happening in the evening residents said the burglars are happening on all of the day off as announced a patrol in the area. >>darya: and today is my kron 4 store in san francisco struck of new sign is making people angry this morning that is because it reads all nude outside of the club and it can be seen my parents and students across the street from elementary school. >>reporter: i do not understand why they have to have the word
6:51 am
all nude on their side. she's a former teacher in the heart of north beach broadway heard several other buildings for the adult entertainment club in addition to the the side every all nude cab ride. that wasn't going to and from school every day they have to pass this corner i do not like it my daughter when a city in the school with this here. the children are so small. the school kids at the elementary school walk up and down the street often several times during the day the club owner says is the cross the street for 23 years and never has any problems with the school or the neighborhood. however look at
6:52 am
this picture in the past the sign said centerfold and recently is said that plus all nude cabaret. there was none elementary school ride across the street was a big deal? >>: is assigned. we know what is inside and as long as the expression will have the vaguest days in vegas is inside this is inside that is fine. >>reporter: 7 of our riyal was also concerned about the sign never scared to speak on camera out of fear the political retaliation and i also spoke with the club owner he asks me are we in kansas this is san francisco and he has no problem with the word nude outside of the club.
6:53 am
>>darya: hot spot for the drive comes from the golden gate bridge into san francisco this is a live look at the presidio parkway which is backed up to the east portal of the tunnel was an accident on richardson and lyon st. this is the opposite of the palace of fine arts. the kron 4 morning news will be right back. female announcer: get 36 months interest-free financing, and save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. and of course, free same-day delivery. but only through presidents' day at sleep train.
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>>darya: if you did not remember my looking for to sing him in the all-star game. >>darya: are running a promotion because see what you do how do you do that? when the minister have to do something in you will will anything under the sun to connect all video showing us what you can do that you can fix a bike or change a diaper with one hand, maybe you really have eye trained a cat the commercial
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was the video and will check it out. >>mark: thompson after kobe bryant is not selling goods from injury. thompson had been having a clear year this season his 37 1/4 and january. will our first ever kron 43 pitch a lot you can see who wins unsportsmanlike this sunday night.
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